Plays and Production History

A commission from the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, November 2016.
Readings and workshops, The Kennedy Center, Spring 2017

THE MAYWORKERS (full-length drama, drama)
Development Residency, The Lark and Theresa Rebeck Writers Retreat – July, 2016
Developmental workshop, WORD Bridge, June 2009

TOO QUICK TO PICK (ten-minute play, comic-drama)
Warner International Theatre Festival, October 2016
Boston Theatre Marathon XVIII, May 2016

A WHOLE LOTTA EMPTY (short play, drama)
In 30 SHORT PLAYS FOR PASSIONATE ACTORS, All Original Play Publishing, September 2016
Boston Theatre Marathon XVII, 2015

STORM ON STORM (short play, comic drama)
Eclectic Shorts, City Theatre, Miami, January-February 2017
In The Best Short Plays of 2015, editor Lawrence Harbison, Smith & Kraus
Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film, University of Nebraska–Lincoln, December 2015
Little Black Box Play Festival, McLennan University, April 2014
Short Attention Span Festival, The Barn Theatre, Key West Florida, April 2010
City Summer Shorts, City Theatre, Miami, Florida, May-June 2009
Finalist, Heideman Award, Actors Theatre of Louisville, July 2009
An Eclectic Evening of Shorts, Artistic New Directions, New York, March 2008
Boston Theatre Marathon IX, Virginia Wimberly Theatre, May 2007
StageWorks, Hudson, New York, Play By Play, Festival of Short Plays, 2006

DUMP (short-play, drama)
New Jersey School of Dramatic Arts, October, 2016
Boston Theatre Marathon XII, May 2010
Published in The A Train Anthologies, Play Scripts, Inc. Fall, 2008
The A Train Plays, Neighborhood Playhouse, New York City, 2004

GAME ON (ten-minute play, comic-drama)
Radio Theatre Project, St. Petersburg, Florida, May 2015
Shorts Gone Wild Festival, City theatre, Miami, 2014
Muhlenberg College, September, 2014
10 x 10 2012 Series, The Byre Theatre, St. Andrews, Ireland, 2012
Boston Theatre Marathon XIII, Virginia Wimberly Theatre, May, 2011

TIES THAT BIND (ten-minute play, drama)
Boston Theatre Marathon XVI, Virginia Wimberly Theatre, May 2014

VERTICALS AND HORIZONTALS, an anthology of short plays, by Gary Garrison
Original Play Publishers, Spring 2014

SKIRTING THE ISSUES (short play, comic-drama)
Warner International Theatre Festival, October 2014
Emerson College, October, 2014
Boston Theatre Marathon XV, May, 2013

CAUGHT, WITHOUT CANDY (ten-minute play, comic-drama)
Boston Theatre Marathon XIV, 2012

THE RUBBER ROOM, (one act, drama)
Artistic New Directions, New York, February-March, 2011

BUDDY (full-length play, comic-drama)
Boston Playwrights Festival of New Plays, reading, March 2010
WordBRIDGE, workshop, June, 2009

THE SWEEP (short play, comic-drama)
Boston Theatre Marathon XI, Virginia Wimberly Theatre, May 2009

VERTICALS AND HORIZONTALS (short play, comedy)
Boston Theatre Marathon X, Virginia Wimberly Theatre, May 2008

IT BELONGS ON STAGE (AND NOT IN MY BED) (short play, comedy)
Manhattan Theatre Source, HOMOgenius Festival of Short Plays, 2003

AN ANGEL IN THE EARLY BIRD SPECIAL (ten-minute play, drama)
Boca Raton Theatre Guild Play Reading Festival, 2003

PADDING THE WAGON (ten-minute play drama)
4th Unity Theatre Company, New York City, Unity Fest 2002
Manhattan Theatre Source, New York City, Homogenius Festival of Short Plays, 2002
StageWorks, Hudson, New York, Play By Play Festival of Short Plays, 2002
Primary Stages, New York City, A Moment of Bliss Festival, 2002

THE BIG, FAT NAKED TRUTH (one-act comedy)
Western Kentucky University, Dept. of Theatre, 2004
Western Washington University, Kennedy Center-American College Theatre Festival,
SPLASH Series, five casts in rotation, 25 continuous performances, 2002
Clarence Brown Theater Lab, Tennessee, 2001
Adelphi University, Long Island, New York, 2000
Expanded Arts, New York City, 1997
Spectrum Stage Festival of One-Acts, Miranda Theatre, New York City, 1995
Pulse Ensemble Theater, NYC, Women Under Pressure Series, 1994
Finalist, Drury College One-Act Competition, 1993
Alice's Fourth Floor, New York City, 1991
Manhattan Punchline Festival of One-Act Plays, New York City, 1991
Second Generation Theatre, Judith Anderson Theatre, New York City, 1988
Circle Repertory Theatre Company, Playwrights Lab production, 1988
Brooklyn Playworks, Festival of One-Act Plays, staged reading, 1988

RUG STORE COWBOY (ten-minute play, comedy)
Original Recipe Short Play Festival, Rogers State University, 2014
Manhattan Theatre Source, HOMOgenius Festival, 2003
Stage Works, Hudson New York, Play By Play Festival, 2003
4th Unity Theatre Company, New York City, Unity Fest, 2001
Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Short Play Festival, 2001
StageWorks, Hudson, New York, The Body Plays Festival, 2001

OH, MESSIAH ME (one-act play, drama)
Manhattan Theatre Source, New York City, 2001
Manhattan Theatre Source, New York, XXX-Mas Series, 2000

CHERRY REDS (solo-comedy, comic-drama)
Manhattan Theatre Source, New York City, 2001
4th Unity Festival, New York City 2000
Published in Michael Wright’s Playwriting Masterclass, Heinemann Press, 2000

GAWK (ten-minute play, drama)
Actors Theatre, Quickies New Works Festival, Honorable Mention, 2003
Don’t Blink Festival, Directors Company, New York City, 2001
StageWorks, Hudson, New York, The Black & White Festival, 2000
Published in A Grand Entrance: Scenes for Mature Audiences,
Dramatic Publishing Company, 1999
Turnip Theatre Company, Festival of Short Plays, New York City, 1998
Pulse Ensemble Theatre, Theatre Row, New York City, 1997

WE MAKE A WALL (full-length comic-drama)
The Open Door Theatre, New York City, 1999
Scenes published in The Best Stage Scenes, 1997, Smith & Kraus, Inc., 1998
Two monologues published in The Best Men’s Stage Monologues, 1997,
Smith & Kraus, Inc.
Expanded Arts, New York City (Equity showcase), 1997

WHEN A DIVA DREAMS (full-length comedy)
Various monologues published in The Best Women’s Monologues, 1997,
Smith & Kraus, Inc.
African Globe Theatre Works, New Jersey, 1997
Remounted for a spring, 1999 production
Hedgerow Theatre Company, Pennsylvania, (stage reading New Plays Series), 1997
Miranda Theatre, (Equity Showcase), 1996
Alice's Fourth Floor, The "LookSee" Series (staged reading), 1996

EMPTY ROOMS (full-length evening, three short plays consisting of Scream, With Laughter,
Tender Salvation, and The Big, Fat Naked Truth)
Merlin Entertainment, Miranda Theatre, New York City, 1996
Theatre Siena, Siena College, Michigan, 1996

SCREAM, WITH LAUGHTER (ten-minute traumedy)
"Ten" - A Ten-Minute Play Festival, Tisch School of the Arts, NYU, 1995
Mississippi State University, Director's Series, 1995
"8x10" Ten-Minute Play Festival, Pulse Ensemble Theatre, New York City, 1994
Published in Twenty-Three Plays From the New Play Development
Workshop, ATHE Mississippi State Press, 1994
SMOOTHNESS, WITH COOL (monologue play)
Published in The Waverly Review, New York University, 1995

DOES ANYONE WANT A MISS COW BAYOU? (ten-minute comedy)
Published in New One-Act Plays for Acting Students, Meriwether Publishing, Ltd., 2002
Pulse Ensemble Theater, Apprenticeship Showcase, 1997 .                  
Marshall University, 1997
Mississippi State University, Main Stage, 1995
Published by Buffalo Press, Houston, Texas, 1990
Thirteenth Annual Off-Off Broadway Original Short Plays Festival,
Double Image Theatre (showcase performance), 1989

FOUR CORNERED MEN AND WOMEN (full-length evening, eight monologue plays)
New York Repertory Theatre Company, Company premiere production, 1990
Tempest Productions, Traverse City, Michigan, 1985