Beautiful Theresa

So I’m in a doctor’s office, doing maintenance on a body that’s been thrown around the world for a good long while, and the technician that’s checking out the vitals – Theresa -- is chatty. It’s early in the morning, so I’m not so chatty; I’m in a not-had-enough-coffee- coma. But Theresa is chatty, and I’m a southern boy, so I know I have to volley the conversation so I don’t look like a New Yorker who can’t be bothered with the simplest shades of humanity.

“What are you doing for Thanksgiving?” she asks and smiles. “Probably headed up to Cape Cod. What about you?” – good volley, I think.

There’s a pause, then: “My twin boys are coming home. One was in the military, finished a tour in Iraq, can’t find a job – even though he’s applied everywhere. And he’s tried so hard, but nothing. Nothing. The other is coming up from Florida. They just found some immune system problem, so he looks like he has the mumps. But those things happen when you only have one kidney; he had a birth defect, so he lost a kidney a couple of years ago. ”

She smiles wide: “So mama’s going to take care of her boys and make sure they feel loved.”

I look at her. So much love. So much worry and caring and concern; so much warmth and love shining through her face. So much kindness. When all else is not right in the world, those boys have that, if nothing else. And that is huge. She laughs. “I don’t know how I’m going to find time to make the pies! I’m so behind.” I left the doctor’s office and head for the nearest baker. I’ll solve that problem.

Thanks for the reminder, mom.
#GivingThanks #FamilyIsLove #AMothersLoveNeverEnds