The Very Last Indignity

Over the last few days, I've sadly, maddeningly watched the reports of innocent lives shattered by violence in Louisiana, Minnesota and last night in Dallas. This morning a reporter on CNN said somberly, "Five of Dallas' finest lost their lives...."; I've heard the same thing in the reportage of Alton Sterling's and Philando Castile's murders and the slaughter in Orlando; these people "lost their lives."

No one "lost"; anything. All these lives were TAKEN at the hands of people committing an act of aggression towards other people who were not in a position to reason their way out of danger. Their lives were not put into a set of hands that misplaced them, like, a set of keys hidden out of sight somewhere in your house.

“Honey, have you seen my life?” – “It’s where it always is, sweetheart. Unless someone took it.”

I know it may be just a matter of semantics to some. But to me it feels like the very last indignity – as if these men and women were careless with their most precious possession. No one “lost” anything but their ability to see the faces of those they love a minute or a life-time more.

#AllLivesMatter #ToMurderIsToTake